Two Part Articles for Article Marketing

This is very good. In fact, I've been doing something similar with my articles: give the what-to-do in the article and put the how-to-do on my landing page. I actually learned this from another Warrior who showed me how to split up the articles in such a way that the reader has to click on your link to read the important part.

Make sure you give tasty hints of what to do in the first part of the article, which you submit to an article directory like or another resource. Put your link to the second part in your resource box and watch the clickthroughs explode!

In the second part, deliver the how-to information in as much detail as you can. That way, the reader gets the satisfaction of the desire you created. Pop in an affiliate link like mine for Desperate Buyers Only or any other related product, include an autoresponder signup (mine is on vacation here) and you're golden!

Finally, if you're interested more in working on your business than for your business, get your articles written by a professional! Go to Vince Runza Online's Ghostwriting for more information on getting premium content for your marketing endeavors.