Sell Niche Products with Savvy, Not Cash

Once you have the niche product to sell, it all comes down to the selling. In fact, even affiliate marketers are making steady, dependable money using some of the newer techniques for identifying tiny niches that are filled with cash. The key is to identify those niches in the first place.

Then it’s a matter of getting the traffic to your door. If you don’t have any savvy at driving traffic to your offer, don’t just throw money at the problem. Buying AdWords clicks or paying some SEO company will definitely assure you of dependable outflows of your cash. It’s much better to use any and all free methods FIRST, then carefully buy the tools to increase your income.

Article marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to get your message out there. 300 to 800 words about a niche product or service in a well chosen venue will get you vast exposure and may be picked up by newsfeeds, eZine publishers and others hungry for content. You need to make those articles both keyword and content rich. People come to the Internet for information first, not just another sales pitch.

If you find this makes sense to you, take the next step and start writing articles. Put your keywords at the beginning of the title, and sprinkle them throughout the text without being heavy handed. One keyword I like is "art", simply because if it's part of your keyword phrase, it ends up being a p*art* of so many other words. Try a [CTRL]+F and search for art on a few random Web pages. You'll be surprised at how many times it may come up.

Learn to Write for Profit