Find a Market Niche That Has a Burning Need

If  you, like me, have hit the wall with your writing "career", consider this thought from Alexis Davis:

I realized that a handful of my most pressing problems have had solutions that were simple and cut to the chase.

The thing that often takes us the longest to solve our problems is the actual leg work it takes to find a solution.

So I figured instead of writing about things that I enjoyed, I would write on how to solve very specific, very difficult to solve problems.

It's really a no-brainer.

If you have a problem that's making your stomach churn day and night, causing you to lose sleep, get into arguments with your significant other, lose/gain weight, or just plain worry endlessly - it's a serious issue. You want a solution, and you want it quickly.

THAT'S the type of audience I wanted. The one's who needed a problem solved, and didn't care for 200-page manuals to get to the solution.

We write this kind of how-to information as "nobodies". No hype, no fanfare, just targeted information that's marketed to a tight niche. It also brings in buyers practically every day of the year.

Suppose you were selling a $24.95 report or executive summary a half-dozen times a day on average, completely on autopilot. Would that interest you? Suppose you have a half-dozen of these items? Here's the math: 6 X 6 X $24.95 = $898.20/DAY. Would that solve a desperate need of yours? Find out more now at Desperate Buyers Only.